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Woman's Awful Date Gone Wrong Has Everyone Rooting for Her

We feel so terrible for her!

Imagine being on a date with a guy you really like, and you have a glass of wine and a great dinner, and then you start not feeling well.

That happened to @Abby while she was on a date in Denver. She shares the details of what happened next and they're cringworthy!

We feel so bad for Abby! Poor thing had something bad for lunch, and it all decided to come back up while on a great date with a really cute guy at his house. She made him put on headphones and listen to music while she got sick in his bathroom. She adds that she's sure he's going to ghost her. 

Commenters rallied around her. @Dsaw says, "I was gonna say if he ghosts you that would be odd. He made you feel comfortable being sick around him. I don’t think he will ghost you." @Rob agreed with, "You’re good. Guarantee he sends you a text in the morning asking how you’re feeling." as did @Tactical Nobody who added, "naw a real man would call you the next day to make sure you are OK. and take care of you that night." @Nell Vell also said, "He actually sounds like a keeper! He wanted you to feel at home and take care of you." And everybody wanted to know if he called her the next day. 

Turns out she definitely didn't get ghosted and didn't have to wait until the next day to hear from him again! He texted her that night. 

He sure does sound like he's still interested! He's a keeper for sure. We can't wait to follow their story and see how it ends up!

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