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Man's Superficial Date Broke Up with Him All Because He's Missing a Finger

She was so rude about it, too.

Ouch! @Ray combs shared a short but not-so-sweet video of a bad breakup that he experienced awhile back, and it was shocking!

In just 5 seconds, Ray is able to explain the entire situation while also showing the cause of the breakup. He explains he dated a girl for two weeks but didn't tell her about his hand - which is missing a finger - because he was insecure about it. When she finds out, she breaks up with him in the rudest way possible. 

Our first thought when we saw the video was, how in the heck did they date for two weeks without her seeing his hand? Our second thought was, we can't believe she had the audacity to actually say out loud, "My dad hates disabled people, so we can't date". Sounds like he dodged a bullet in this situation anyways! He's lucky not to have to deal with any of that family. 

Comments were few, but the commenters were full of support. @zach!!!! said, "Her loss, your up!" Ray replied jokingly, "Can't put my finger on it but I think it's her loss". @Dervaa shared, "That’ll be a mindset that’ll screw her over so much in life. If my dad didn’t want me dating a certain person but I truly loved them, I’d do it anyway." Ray commented back with, "It's alright she missed out on my strong hand". 

@Westin said empathetically, "Damn bro that sucks". Ray had the best comeback ever with, "She definitely didn't suck". Here's hoping that Ray finds his perfect match soon!

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