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Dad Goes on Catholic Dating App to Catfish Men As His Daughter

You can't make this stuff up.

Everybody knows that your mom and dad will do anything to help you. They'll move mountains to help make your life easier and turn into tigers to keep you safe. And yes, sometimes they might even go too far, as @Crown's dad did.

Crown is single, and her dad wants to help her find a nice Christian man. So he takes matters into his own hands and helps signing her up on a Catholic dating app. He asks how tall she is and what her hobbies are. He takes super unflattering pictures of her eating. Then he gets to work. The results are too funny!

Dad doesn't really get it right, does he? He's got her looking for men in Ohio although she lives in California. He's so excited to have guys that want to meet her. The best part of the whole video is at the very end when her mom says, "John has messaged you twice today", to which Crown replies, "John has messaged dad twice." That made us LOL! 

We weren't the only one who thought this was funny. With over 1.4 million views and a couple thousand comments, people had lots to say about it. We laughed just reading through the comments. @Regina notices, "Dad’s after knowing their daughters 37 years: “what are your hobbies?”" @Patrick says, "you should pull uno reverse sign him up for Grindr!" @AllWhoYonder jokes, "I'm sure John and your Dad will be very happy." @Contentabsorber said, "Doesn’t know your hobbies but knows what type of man you need in your life. Makes sense" We love what @name plate had to say, "Ya know what I hope he gets the full experience of women on a dating app." 

@notnow112 says what we are all thinking, "We need to know everything about THIS! At least 100 more parts!" Well Crown came through! She actually did a story time with more details. It didn't get as many views as this one did, but it's still pretty funny!

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