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Man Shares 5 'Cute' Texts That Make Men Miss Women

This kind of sounds like more games to us.

We aren't too sure about the advice that @lovestrategies shares about how to make a man miss you. More than anything, it sounds like game playing. But then again, that seems to be a part of dating, unfortunately.

Lovestrategies has five tips on how to send a man texts that will make him miss you. This seems to be a 5-part series, and in this first one he shares something that most people do anyways, even if it's posted to social media instead of texted.

So what do you think? Text him a picture of you doing something with someone else. He does clarify that he doesn't mean another guy. But something like you out with friends doing something fun. This will make him wish he was there, too. And it shows that you are a 'high value' woman. We are going to have to agree with @steppankat who says, "Amateur advice… just be you."

@joolsw doesn't hold back when she shares, "Please stop this shitty misogynistic, old-fashioned, crappy advice. High value lol. Are we commodities?" @Amanda Zhao caught that too, "“High value women..."" @Petra Nuway isn't a fan of this advice either, "Let's manipulate and deceive them into a relationship. The natural way..." and neither is @Marisa Rojo who asks, "Didn’t you say don’t text him at all?" @Branpunk admits, "But I don't do anything epic or interesting. Don't have friends either. In my age everyone is with their family. I'm on my own. Oh well." 

Overall, commenters didn't seem to be fans of this advice. We didn't watch the other 4 parts of the series, but comments were about the same. Maybe LoveStrategies needs to rethink what they're pitching.

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