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Scientific Theory for Why Men Fall for Women Is Fascinating

It really does make perfect sense.

Is it possible to make any man fall for you, without having to pretend to be somebody that you aren't? According to @Hannah Chan yes, it's possible. And she shares how to do it in a quick TikTok.

Hannah explains that there's a scientific theory called "Currency of Desire". She goes on to explain that this currency, or what a woman looks for in a man, is much different than what a man looks for in a woman. Once you know his currency, the playing field changes. 

Makes total sense, right? A woman looks for a man who provides, protects, and achieves. Most woman assume that men want the same thing - a woman with those some traits. But men actually look for the opposite of all of that. They look for a woman who is soft, admires him, and respects him. While we tend to agree with this idea, we aren't saying that women don't want a man to admire or respect them, and men don't want a woman who can achieve. 

@Rich Aunty Cindy is picking up what Hannah is putting down, "Don’t impress him, act impressed by him." @Jamie Kanner agrees too, "Soft, vulnerable, and in touch with our emotions works every time!!" @ouassimamua1 isn't so sure about what Hannah shared, "So I need to be weak and be impressed by his success ... ok I'm broke anyway". Hannah explains further, "This isn’t about lowering yourself for a man but realizing your value to him comes from who you are not what you have". @Ari had a similar comment, "This makes sense but it’s upsetting to know what you value as your achievements and success may not be valued by someone who you’d want to love", to which Hannah clarified, "It’s not that they don’t value it, it’s that it doesn’t make you any more attractive or dateable cuz those don’t define you in a relationship". Makes sense to us!

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