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Woman's TikTok Plea to Find Her Cousin a Girlfriend Is Going Viral

Seems like he has a lot going for him.

What a great cousin @Allison Kuhn is! Allison's male cousin wants to find a woman to start a life with, and she's all for helping him find his perfect match!

Allison recently posted a video of her cousin in his new 5-bedroom home. He's standing in the kitchen, and it looks like she tells him to pose. He does and has some fun with it. It says across the top of the video that he just bought a new home (huge home by the way for a single guy) and he's looking for someone to start a life with in it. Her caption reads, "Serious inquires only", so she's definitely serious about her mission!

He looks like a good-looking guy, and it seems he has his ducks in a row priority-wise. The video has almost 3 million views, over 352 thousand likes, and more than 18 thousand comments. We're sure he's going to find more than one possible match!

Commenters were there for Allison's TikTok plea. @Black Lilly asks, "Yeah, but how’s his personality?" Allison replies back, "He’s kind, smart, hilarious, and a great family man…best guy I know!" @CG is interested and says, "Im already married but let me ask my husband ::wink wink::" @La Lu Lu made us laugh with, "What a coincidence I was just looking for a single man with a newly purchased 5-bedroom home to start a life with", as did @Alyssa who said, "Let’s see a home tour before any of us make any decisions LOL"

We were surprised by the number of comments about not wanting to move into someone else's home to start a new life. @Leilani advises, "Probably should have waited to buy a family home, it’ll feel like a wife is moving into his home instead of starting one together." We can see it from both sides. Hopefully he finds who he's looking for!

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