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Bride's Wedding Vow 'Surprise' for Groom After 15 Years Together Is Priceless

Everyone is cracking up over this!

After committing to each other and anticipating the big day, Christie and Byron's wedding day is finally here...15 years after they started dating. We guess they were in no hurry!

@tenoheightfilms shared a video on Instagram of the two of them getting ready to exchange their wedding vows. Many people write their own vows, and it appears that that is what they were going to be doing, too. You can tell by the look on Byron's face that Christie's vows were going to be something to remember! 

Hilarious, right? We don't know how she even started opening up those vows without cracking up. We've watched this video a handful of times and have laughed out loud at Byron's reaction every time! The look on his face is hilarious and it was like he was saying, "Wait. What just happened?" The audience's immediate response is just as funny, and to that he can only shake his head. Christie definitely made these vows ones that nobody will ever forget.

Commenters loved it! @fasthebaker says, "The big W here is the audience who got the joke immediately." And @princecharmingp chimes in with, "Sis' creativity said “took u long enough.”" And @being_jazzib hits the nail on the head with this: "How to say “about time” without saying it."

Many commenters also had things to say about Byron chewing gum. @uhohitsamy asks, "Is no one going to talk about the chewing gum?" as did @elsbeth_anne who points out, "The gum. Gum. He's chewing gum. At the altar. He's chewing gum at the altar." But @waifu_debbie wasn't having it, "Y’all really picking in the comments about a grown ass man chewing gum at an alter marrying his wife who clearly didn’t give a damn about it. Like I had to go back and watch just to see this supposed gum y’all making a issue about. I can see why some of y’all not married, pick at every little thing too much."

We loved this video and can say nothing but "Congratulations!" to the newlyweds.