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Couple Gets Unexpected Surprise After Sending the 'Obamas' a Wedding Invite

This is a keepsake they'll have forever.

Okay, this is pretty cool! We didn't know inviting famous people to your wedding was a thing, but that's exactly what @victoriathompson did. 

Victoria and her fiancé had an extra wedding invitation, so they decided to send the invite to Barack and Michelle Obama. We're not sure if they actually expected the Obamas to attend, or even respond, but the fact that they heard back from them is something they probably won't soon forget! 

Wow! The note of congratulations is actually signed by the power couple. The fact that they took time out of their day to acknowledge the couple's upcoming nuptials is admirable. We're now wondering how many invitations they get delivered to them regularly, and if they actually respond to each and every one of them!

We weren't the only ones who think that the couple getting Obamail was memorable. @Alex Celestial said, "I forgot about “Obama mail” being a thing." @Riotsoup made us laugh with, "This is the adult equivalent of letters to Santa and actually getting a reply letter back!" @Tiffany Thomas shared, "Whenever he was president, I wrote to him (I was in 4th grade) many months later I got a letter, an autographed photo of him, and a photo of his dogs!" We laughed when @Anitra Collins said, "I’d write back and say “so is this a no?”" @Ashley Robbins added, "They def didn’t respond to my invite. Butttt I have since gotten divorced so must’ve known!" 

@Poli tried to kill the mood with, "I used to intern for a U.S. Senator and each gov person has a designated worker who mimics their signatures.", but Victoria wasn't having it and said, "In all seriousness though it’s just means a lot to get anything back at all! It could’ve easily been tossed or ignored." We agree Victoria! It's a fun keepsake and we're glad your invite was even acknowledged!

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