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Couple Learns They Actually Met As Kids and the Story Is Perfect

What are the odds of this happening?

This is one of those, "no way that's true!" stories, and it's the sweetest! @TheRobbyShow shared the story of how he met his wife...or more accurately, how he thought he met his wife.

The video showing him and his wife dancing. The video reads that they thought they met on a Mediterranean cruise. And that is true since being adults. But they actually had met long ago, neither of them realized it though.

Both of them used to model as children. Robby recently found a box of Lincoln Logs that he modeled on as a kid. He showed it to his wife, and she thought he was pranking him. The little girl on the box with him is her! How cool is that? @Skylar isn't wrong when she shares, "How serendipitous!" 

Commenters loved the story too. @carol exclaims, "Invisible string moment!" @Kayla McCarthy is shocked, "There’s no way…. There’s no freaking way!" @Jessica swoons, "You know what they say, if it’s meant to be they’ll come back." @Skylar Fraguela had something similar happen to her, "Right before my high school sweetheart left for college, we found a picture of both of us from preschool." @whatsmyfavoriteword is spot on with, "Wow the world truly is so small." And we liked @WhoaWhitney's comment, "Name your first kid Lincoln."

Our favorite comment came from @lurkingintheshad0ws who said, "If ya’ll don’t recreate this as engagement or wedding photo, so help me…" We agree! They have to recreate this sweet moment in time! 

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