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Couple's Funny Parody of 'Marriage Fights' Is All Too Real

They hit the nail right on the head.

They're at it again! @Alex and Jon create on-point content about being married, and if you're married or in a long-term relationship, you will totally relate to it!

This time, Alex and Jon do a parody about marriage fights, especially ones that happen right before you leave to go somewhere. The accuracy is mind blowing! And the ending is pretty good too!

Does any of that seem familiar? It does to us! Those marriage fights that happen when you're going to see other people usually do end up fine when you both acknowledge something stupid someone else says. 

Commenters could relate too! @UnitofEnergyBF asks, "How do you guys keep coming up with such accurate content?!" They reply back with, "We just create what we experience LOL" @Brianna shares, ""JUST GO BY YOURSELF THEN!" I shout from the bathroom while doing my hair and makeup because of course I'm still going." adds, "When you have kids they join then you have a family fight every time and ride in silence." @Jwan notices, "Do any couples live an original life? How are we all the same?"

Commenters were also showing love for Alex and Jon. @Savannah Glembin wants people to know, "People truly don’t realize how much work and editing go into these masterpieces! (fellow photog/videographer)" We agreed with @Dye and Pine who said, "Just here to say that y’all are the best creators I’ve seen on the ToK! Happy holidays." @Taylor Michelle adds, "I love your channel so much!" It's so nice to see people appreciate how much it takes to create quality (and life-accurate!) TikToks. Thanks for keeping it real Alex and Jon!

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