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Couple's Precious Love Story Is Like a Movie Come to Life

How wonderful would it be if we all found a love that lasts a lifetime? In our modern culture, it seems that life-long romance can only be found in Hollywood movies, but for this couple on TikTok, it's reality. 

In this sweet music montage, Jeri and Mike tell the story of how they met and share the highlights of their love through the many years they've spent together. 

How adorable is this couple?! It's so awesome is it that even though the video is a mere 36 seconds long, it still captures the essence of their lives spent together and the love they both have for each other. In the cut to the video of them today, it's obvious that they are still so in love with each other. 

It seems that viewers agree and congrats are in order for this lovely couple. User @wandahamm0 says, "Beautiful. couple and family. This is what love is all about. So happy for them." Commenter @dominicsanchez118 shares, "It’s so great to see love stories like this!!! With no mention of color or religion, just A straight love story!!’ Amazing," and @wukfoo adds, "This is true love on the purest level! Congratulations, you love birds!"

It's safe to say that many people feel as if they'd be so lucky to find a love like theirs. We have to wonder what their secret is! At any rate, congrats to this Jeri and Mike for standing the test of time, and we're wishing them well for the future that lies ahead.