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Couple's Inspirational Long-Distance Romance Story Is Straight Out of a Movie

Sometimes home is not a place, but rather, the people you love. Such is true for this couple who were separated by distance, until one woman decided to make a move.

In the short story of La Casa Phipps, this couple defeated the odds to make their relationship work in site of the distance. “He moved to the Unites States to find a wife, and he met me.” She continues, "We did the long-distance for a while. It was hard." Then, she made a live changing decision. 

Long distance relationships are tough, and the truth is, most of them don't work out unless the couple moves closer together. Something tells me she knew their relationship would soon be in trouble unless she took action. She followed her gut instinct and it worked out beautifully!

TikTok users chime in to show their support for this woman's move. Commenter @nzkiwi47 says, “Beautiful team - Life rewards when you take risks.” This is true. Sometimes the biggest risk of all is to do nothing. User @lesrichardson420 adds, “Love is a powerful thing and you both proved it. Hope you both have a awesome relationship. Keep safe and healthy now.”  TikToker @daniell_1969 shares some practical wisdom. “Surprise each other with little things and never let your love become commonplace. (34 y married ).”  Indeed! Keeping the magic alive will keep the relationships thriving.

If this story doesn't sound like it's straight out of a movie then I don't know what does. Regardless, it seems these two are meant to be together and nothing can tear them apart, not even long distance. We wish them the very best!