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Couple Makes Special 'Home Depot' Run to Try and Catch Friend's Fiance Cheating

They were determined to go above and beyond.

Some friends will go above and beyond to help you with anything, at any time. @Emma is clearly one of those friends.

The writing over the video she shared says, "When your friend suspects her fiancé is cheating so you and your boyfriend go to Home Depot to catch him." Home Depot? you might be thinking, we were thinking the same thing. But we guess if you're going to cheat, that's probably the last place anybody would look! Emma was on it though, decked out in her all-black spying outfit with a hat on and shades to cover her eyes.

The caption to her video reads "We didn’t find him, but she said his location put him at his ex’s apartment & then at Home Depot. Sus." The best parts of the video are at the beginning when the Home Depot music plays, and when she tells her boyfriend, "You're getting distracted that's not what we're here for." That made us laugh!

Commenters loved the ending of the video, when Emma's boyfriend said, "Babe, I found her!" as he's holding a hoe. @Doviee Sanders got more than 750 likes for her comment, "The ending SENT me!" @Emily Pea says, "I love how he was all in this with you!" That's a good boyfriend! @J made us laugh with, "“Losers never cheat” I think he meant winners lol" and Emma laughed too, "Yeah he made no sense!"

And some commenters, like @Samantha Josaphin672 are now invested in the story, "I’m gonna need an update." So are we! Emma did reply with, "I will try!" Please keep us all posted, Emma. We have to know if he's really a cheater!

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