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Couple Manages to Keep Pregnancy to Themselves and It's Too Sweet

In a climate where pregnancy announcements attract so much attention on social media, this couple decided to do things a little bit differently. 

TikToker Miranda shares a video montage of how her and her husband kept their pregnancy a secret for the entire 9 months. 

It's a nice change of pace keep their pregnancy under wraps as it was happening because they want to share the intimacy just between the two of them. I love how it says, "We didn't have a baby shower or gender reveal, and that's okay." We don't always need to give the world a play by play of everything going on in our lives as it happens. 

Viewers are chiming to show support and share their own stories relating to the idea of keeping a pregnancy to themselves. 

User @breeeeritchie says, "We hid ours for 5 months and it was absolutely amazing! I wish we kept it between us longer." Commenter @ffs.em shares a slightly different perspective on the matter. "My moms feelings would be so hurt if I didn’t tell her," which we can imagine a lot of people can relate to as well. User @screwbeautiful begs the question, "How do you hide it???? Especially when you work and see your parents often?" In another comment, @pioneapple3600 may have a solution for that one. "I hid my pregnancies the only people who knew was my husband our parents/siblings and our bosses. I wore lots of baggy clothes and didn’t post pics."

It's a nice reminder that pregnancy is a very personal and intimate experience for each couple. You get to decide whether or not to share the details during, afterwards, or not at all, and whatever you decide is valid and acceptable.