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Couple's Group Chat with Family Members Accidentally Gets X-Rated

They'll never live this one down.

One word to describe this scenario: mortifying. We are mortified for @Ariel Rogers because of what her husband said in a family group text. You can tell by her face that Ariel is embarrassed beyond belief.

Why is the group chat so embarrassing? Well, you know that husbands and wives say things to each other that they would never say to anybody else. It might be gossiping about other friends or family. Maybe it's unpopular opinions that they have about other people. But that's not what we're talking about. We are talking about sex. Just watch and you'll get it!

Can you even imagine?! Think about your mom and dad and siblings reading that! We love her dad's response which was, "Real classy." And when her mom asks what she missed and Ariel's husband jumps in to try to fix the situation by saying, "Please no questions, let's move on." And his excuse - that he was drinking - just led to more issues. Her mom's thoughts about him drinking were not good ones. Mom says, "Drinking. On a Tuesday. Nasty." She was not happy with any of the situation! And husband just tried to move on. Several times.

Although the video was viewed more than a million times, Ariel did not want to hear anybody's thoughts about the awful text exchange. She turned off the comments, so we couldn't even read through them. We know there would have been a lot of funny ones in there, and that this has probably happened to a lot of other people.

And as her caption reads - "Welllll next family gathering will be awkward" - we absolutely would bet that the next gathering will be full of laughs and teasing about the uncomfortable text exchange. 

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