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Couple's Engagement Party Comes With an Unexpected Surprise

Guests must have been so delighted!

Awwww! @Kristina Sandoval shared a TikTok of her and her man celebrating at their engagement party, but it came with an unexpected surprise for their guests!

The video starts with the couple welcoming their family and friends to the party. The couple is standing together, wearing all black, and looking put together and happy. Kristina goes on to say that they wanted to celebrate their engagement and planned to get married in a couple of years. The couple discussed the long engagement and decided that it was too long to wait. Then, they shared more news that the guests probably didn't see coming...

How cool is that? The couple decided to get married right then and there! The surprised guests cheered and hollered and were so excited for the couple! We wish we could've been there to feel the energy in the room!

Commenters were joyful too. @La Isla Spa shared, "The excitement in the room! How magical!" @Rachie said, "Life is sooooo short so precious way to take an opportunity while people are there and running with it! This is amazing!" Kristina responded back to her with, "Our thoughts exactly!!"

We loved @amygerbil's comment: "My niece’s boyfriend surprised her with a wedding. He bought several dresses & she chose one. Guests thought it was a surprise engagement." What a cool idea!

There were lots of happy tears, too. @Tessa exclaimed, "I don’t even know who these people are and I’m crying!" while @lindanguyen shared, "I'm crying! Oh to have an entire room packed full of people that love and support you! what an incredible moment!"

We liked @Jenna's thinking, "Yessssss! Also the cost savings of this is spot on!" The bride acknowledged the fact with, "We saved SO MUCH." Maybe that was their plan all along. We still love the idea and send our congratulations to the newlyweds!