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Couple Can't Stop Laughing Reading Their Early Facebook Messages

Talk about cringey!

You know when you go back and read old texts, notes, messages to and from your significant other, and they're just so cheesy that they make you cringe? Well that's pretty much what happened when @fullmhouse went back and reread old Facebook messages to each other. Or we should say took them several attempts because they were both laughing so hard!

And their laughter is contagious. Hubby is laughing so hard that he falls out of his chair and onto the floor! He's telling his wife he can't do it, and she tells him to get up, they're going to do it. You can tell from the editing that it takes at least 3 or 4 times before they are both calm enough to read the messages...and their words are pretty sappy!

See what we mean? But they're so cute that you can't help but laugh right along with them, and then by the end, you're saying "Awww! How sweet!" 

Husband's notes to wifey are filled with 'I love yous' and wifey wants to know why he didn't give her the 'tiss' (that's their cutesy way of saying kiss) that he wrote he was going to give her. It's definitely young love.

Commenters had lots to say. @Moriah says, "Couldn’t understand why it was so hard for him to start reading, thinking “It can’t be that bad...” it was that bad!" @Assassin Gremlin made us laugh with, "Oh my god I can’t listen. My 2nd hand embarrassment is so strong that it’s somehow 1st hand embarrassment." And of course, there were lots of comments about 'so cute' and 'so sweet'. Because it really was!

But our favorite comment came from @okayishmama, who said what a lot of us were thinking, "I’m so glad our convos are lost in AOL instant messenger land!" We couldn't agree more!