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Couple's Over-the-Top Christmas Cards Are Just Too Funny

Home made holiday greeting cards are a festive family tradition for many across the world. Families will usually get together, choose a nice location, and invest in a photographer to get that perfect Christmassy shot. 

TikToker @nikkimoltz shares this footage of the photoshoot for their greeting cards, and let's just say, they are taking the concept of Christmas cards to a whole new level. They go all out, and it's quite impressive! 

This is hilarious but also looks like so much fun! These days, we all need to be able to have a little bit of fun in our lives, so why not?! If this isn't marriage goals here then we don't know what it is. 

Even though couple's holidays cards are a bit over the top, viewer response is overall pretty positive. People are all about it!  User @cinna.bum says, "This is phenomenal. I'd never throw these away if someone sent cards like this to me." Well, that could speak well for the concept of longevity. Commenter @diabolical_popsicle says, "People that go hard for Christmas cards are my kinda people." As the saying goes, go hard or go home, right?!  On another note, user @magsformargaret says, "The cat as all the sheep wins everything." The kitty does certainly add a nice touch! 

One thing is for sure, it looks like this couple has a lot of fun creating their holiday greeting card. There's no doubt their family and friends are in for a treat when they see it, and we're betting this idea is going to give inspiration to many more in the future as well. 

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