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Woman's Genius Way of 'Cooking' Her Date a Fancy Dinner Is Perfect

We totally don't blame her.

Everybody loves a good home cooked meal, and if you're dating, cooking for someone is a pretty big step. @Rachel Santana's meal is picture perfect, and we bet her boyfriend enjoyed it too!

The video starts showing their dinner plates filled with perfectly cooked bacon wrapped filets and mac and cheese. A bottle of wine on a crisp, white tablecloth and it's like dinner at a fancy restaurant! A perfect date night.

Oh but wait! It is from a fancy restaurant! Looks like Rachel picked up some takeout from Fleming's Steakhouse! Hilarious! And her hashtags in her caption are funny too: #mealprepideas and #datenightideas. That's our kind of cooking!

Commenters loved her cooking, too. @Joseph Stone shares, "What they don’t know can’t hurt them!", while @LMFAO laughs, "Red flag lol!" @Marlene and a couple of others commented, "Mrs. Doubtfire!" @drleilacat admitted, "The way I made my boyfriend a cake from a mix and told him it was from scratch when we started dating cuz I couldn’t cook at all!" But @Matt was fine with it all, "Wouldn’t hear any complaints outta me!" While @Yaneyy says, "Okay chef, I see you!"

@Chris Reed says, "I mean, the Caymus alone is a great flex." And he wasn't the only one that noticed the vino - there were a ton of comments about it. It's a pretty expensive bottle of wine for a home date...she didn't skimp there, that's for sure!

Overall, the verdict was that it was a perfect date night, and nobody had any problems with her cooking at all. We're with @Kim, who made us laugh with: "Work smarter not harder. Purrrr!"