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Woman Perfectly Explains the Complexity of 'Situationships'

Typically one party isn't into it.

If you're dating, you've probably been in a situationship a time or two. @Olivia Victoria takes a couple of minutes to explain the complexity of them, how they work, and how it affects those involved. 

Check out what Olivia says, and you can decide if you agree with her or not.

So, what do you think? Do you agree with what she has to say? Commenters had a lot to say on the subject of situationships. @Samantha Rose did agree and wants more, "Can you do more of this AND a skincare routine please!" We would like her skincare routine too! @Ariel a-m says bitterly, "But when they are ready, 9 out of 10 times it's them being ready for someone else." @Lex cameron agrees with, "But 99% of the time, they just got out of a relationship and then the second you stop talking to them, they find someone new and begin a relationship." 

@perfectverb really appreciated Olivia's video, "'We are good enough, but they aren't ready to be good enough for us"...this makes me feel seen." @0LilaHoney0 agrees, "Yes so glad you said this it’s not always “if you were the one he’d be with you.” Life is complex." @JenRianne has given up, "Dating is just too complicated now. Between immaturity, selfishness, competition, lack of communication, empathy and the inability to commit. I’ll pass." @Darby says, "When you mentioned men don’t commit because they don’t feel established enough. I’ve felt that before and it’s true." Olivia appreciated the comment, "Thank you for commenting! I so appreciate your perspective!"

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