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Relationship Coach Shares Why Communication Alone Can't Save Couples

We all should know by now that good communication is a big part of the foundation on which we build healthy relationships. However, communication in itself doesn't paint the entire picture. In other words, there are several other things to consider if your relationship is struggling.  

Relationship coach @awakeningwithbrian explains why there's more to saving a relationship than communication alone. Let's just say, he hits the nail on the head on this one!

What's he's saying makes total sense! When we bring the symptoms of past trauma to our new relationships, it's likely going to have a negative affect on how we communicate and relate to each other. Even if we fix the communication issues, there's still going to be underlying conditions are remain unresolved and unhealed. You can't put a Band-Aid on a bullet wound, especially when the bullet is still there.  

Viewers are listening to what he's saying and they seem to totally get it. User @mohammedbilllancasterbe1 says, "Never be in relationship with an avoidant attachment person... You will suffer a lot..." and commenter @frankieslide adds, "Yep!! This is what just broke my relationship, because I know we have to do the hard work actively, but you can’t make the other person do the work." 

User @sirricol520 shares a bit of personal experience on the matter. "My fiancé was like this, I suggested for him to see a therapist for his traumas but he refused. I got fed up, now it's history," and  @juliecallery says, "Wow my last break up accurately described. It just tore me up. It wasn't that we weren't meant to be, our childhood traumas triggered us both."

Though it may be hard to admit, it's crucial to understand the root of all major relationship issues that arise, especially if they keep popping up and proving to be a reoccurring problem. When you get down to the root issue, then you can focus on healing and bringing new healthy habits into your relationships, facilitating health and longevity. 

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