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Woman Has Clever Pick-Up Line She Swears Works Every Time

Empowerment movements for women has made many successful strides in the last several decades. However, many women still struggle with being the one to approach men they're interested in. The truth is, women aren't used to rejection like men are, and that's reason to believe why many women still shy away from making the first approach. However, one woman believes to have a simple solution. 

TikToker @brookedoeseverything shares a tip on a particular pickup line she claims is guaranteed to hit every time. Let's just say, we can see why she's so excited about this one!

Sounds like a fun idea! She has so much confidence and enthusiasm. Many guys aren't used to getting that kind of forward attention from women, and so they'd understandably be pleasantly surprised. It's hard to believe any guy would turn her down, regardless. 

Viewers in the comments pull up with their own pickup tactics. User @nobrickwalls says, "My friends and I do the same thing except we guess their name lol! It’s always so fun bc you can make them guess yours back." That sounds like a fun game as well. Others do something similar, just with a bit of a different twist. Commenter @kelseymcmorrow says, "I do this all the time but we guess their jobs and say we have a bet going for a round of drinks 100% success rate."

Offering a male perspective, @joe.elusive, says, "If any girl goes to any guy with nothing but hi she will get his number .. don't act like u don't know." He has a point here. Most men will appreciate any initiation from a woman and agree to hang out. 

You can take this same idea and spin it your own way. You can challenge yourself to guess their name, age, astrological sign, occupation. Men love this type of playful attention. Just remember to keep it light and friendly. 

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