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Bride's Christmas Wedding Dress Reveal Is Absolutely Breathtaking

What a memory to cherish forever.

Holidays seem to make everything more magical, especially at Christmas. The decor, the lights, and the music are all tied to memories most people treasure. And when videographer @jonnydraper shared this wedding dress reveal in the most beautiful setting, we swooned!

The beautiful bride's face is filled with pure happiness and excitement as she winds around a gorgeously decorated staircase. It seems that her parents and her bridesmaids are waiting to see her at the bottom of the staircase. Jonny says, "This is how to do a wedding dress reveal at Christmas!!!", and he's not wrong!

The garland, the twinkling lights, the stunning crystal's all perfection! Not to mention the gorgeous bride. And he also chose the perfect song to play along with the video.

Commenters adored the short and sweet video too. @nitabailey116 says, "I agree 100 percent beautiful entrance." We can't argue with @Aimee's comment, "Step 1- have a massive house which is insanely gorgeous and beautifully decorated." @Lori Jordan210 adds, "I have always thought a Christmas wedding in and fancy house or and old church with snow falling and a red wedding dress would be so cool." We think so too! @Amanda notices, "Wow what a very beautiful dress." @Sophia shares, "Omg I’ve always wanted a Xmas wedding! Glad you got yours!!!" And @Calvin decides, "Yah…I’m definitely having a Christmas wedding." 

@holly made us laugh with, "I would fall down the stairs." We probably would too! @Doreeneharrison42 sums it all up with, "Absolutely beautiful all the way around!!" She's not wrong, that says it all!

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