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Man Makes Plea for a 'Christmas Girlfriend' and Women Are Lining Up

Everyone wants to go out with this guy!

Ladies, if you're looking for a boyfriend just in time for the Christmas season, we might be able to help. @LukeAngel is looking for a 'Christmas Girlfriend', and he has some very specific requirements that most women are going to love!

What is Luke looking for? He's looking for a woman who would like to go on some very festive dates. We don't think he's going to have a problem finding one!

Christmas Village? Check. Baking cookies? We're in, Luke. Christmas lights? Who doesn't love looking at Christmas lights! Movie day? Now you're speaking our language! Bonus points if it's Hallmark channel movie day! See what we mean? We don't think he'll have any issues at all finding a woman to do all those things with him.

And we weren't alone. Woman were falling over each other to get his attention in the comments! @Eliza M jokes, "Let me call my divorce lawyer I will be right back!" @Anna BeauseJour Wai asks, "Sooo where can we apply??? Cause men like you are impossible to find!" @Donna Walker161 made us laugh with "I’m old enough to be your mother but I’m in!" And was @Judith Torres joking when she shared "Didn't think there was guys like this anymore! You literally listed everything want to do and have more ideas! Let me know."

Others wondered if he was really serious. We had the same thought, too. @p.dale wants to know, "Do they still make these guys?" @MadeByLynn needs to know, "These guys really exist? Wait.. what will happen after Christmas? My mom lost my receipt, so you don’t get a refund..." @Mary67482 says, "You sound to good to be true." 

@Victoria Hunter spoke the truth when she said, "Absolute Christmas goals right there!" Whether you've got a significant other or not, she's not wrong!

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