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'13 Going on 30' Star Christa Allen Shares A Major Relationship Red Flag

Actress Christa Allen's character, young Jenna Rink, found teenage love in the 2004 classic rom-com, 13 Going on 30, but now at age 30 herself, she's on TikTok sharing shocking tales of her adult dating life.

In this clip, Christa gives a specific forewarning (with photos) about a relationship red flag that she swears she'll "never ignore again," in hopes that those listening can learn for themselves what to look out for in their own lives. 

It's really unfortunate that she went through this experience. It seems she learned a lot about how users and manipulators operate, especially with how they will target women with a strong nurturing temprament. 

It appears that many people can relate to Christa's story as they've shared similar experiences in the comments. TikToker @imkindajenny says, “I know this red flag too well. It was mostly him manipulating me & victimizing himself for everything. The excuse for all the abuse was his “trauma.” Unfortunately, past trauma can cause many complications in the lives and relationships of those who have experienced it, but it's not to be used as a valid excuse for poor life choices or mistreating others. We all still bare the responsibility of healing and doing right by the people we encounter in our lives. 

Another TikToker, @shuhreye, asserts, “People like this swear they have such bad luck or everyone’s mean to them and 9/10 they’re the problem.” Yes, and sadly a many can't tell (or might not want to admit) when they are the problem themselves. No one just happens to have bad luck all the time, every time. Typically, they're often making choices that put them in risky situations and as a result, bad things happen. Finally, commenter @rita.fee informs us that, “If someone can't stand accountable for anything that happens in their life - that's the biggest red flag right there!” Well said!

One thing is for sure, Christa deserves credit for being vulnerable and sharing her story, and we appreciate the warning about what a predatory personality can look like in a relationship.