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Wife's Joke About Actor Husband's 'Man-versations' Has Us in Stitches

This is just so true!

Just like the man cold, 'man'versations are a real thing. And @realcarmacktok's wife nails it on the head in this TikTok that she made with her husband (who happens to be a hottie and a Hallmark movie actor!) She asks the question all wives want the answer to: What do they talk about on the phone?

She starts off by saying that her husband can have a 20-minute phone conversation and remember absolutely no details. Wives everywhere can relate!

"I don't know" many times have we all heard that after our husbands get off the phone! Some of us have even seriously asked, "What is it that you guys talk about?" And the "BROOOOOO!" - that's so true too!

As expected, commenters had a lot to say about the parody. @NotaDegeeBudgiee offers up, "Well plus side, if ever he was taken and questioned, they won't get anything from him." @RachelWagner618 totally gets it too, "LITERALLY MY HUSBAND . *talks to his best friend for 1 hour* How is he? How’s his family? How’s his wife? “I don’t know. We didn't talk about that."" @Amsi's on the same page, "My husband was on a call with his brother for half an hour the other day. When I asked what they talked about he said “not much”."

The guys had things to say about manversations too. @jpcollins909 says, "This is exactly why I’m not allowed to bring the kids to the doctor by myself." @n_l_o shares this: "It's true. Our minds are like storage wars. All our thoughts are in boxes just waiting for the right bidder to come along and open the winning ones." And @r4nd0mcityz3n probably has the most accurate comment with, "It is not that we don't remember details, just we don't ask for any."

We love these kinds of posts because they're just full of fun! Everyone there is just there to laugh. It's okay to poke fun at each other every now and again, right?