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Psychologist Explains How Childhood Impacts Relationships

Relationships of any kind come with so many complexities and moving parts. It can be a challenge to develop harmonious relationships that last, and that includes connections that are romantic, platonic, or even professional. For some, they begin to wonder why it seem they attract so many toxic relationship with others. Turns out, it may have something to do with out upbringing, starting from childhood. 

In this clip, clinical psychologist @drshefali explains why we're attracted to certain personalities, including the ones who have a tendency to be toxic. Pay close attention to this one because what she's saying here is so important to so many. 

What she's saying here makes a lot of sense. From childhood, we become accustomed to forming relationships with people that make us feel intensely. We become addicted to the highs and lows of our emotional state, so much so that stable and steady relationship begin to feel unfamiliar and even worrisome. When toxic relationship become all you know, that's what you are conditioned to be drawn towards later in life. 

It appears many viewers are resonating with this concept as well. User @ec0303 says, "Definitely trying to change this in therapy. But it’s true, I tend to go for men that make me feel good and then go cold on me in a snap of a finger." Another user @musicbyprin, adds, "This is definitely accurate for most people. It takes a lot of work and time alone to overcome that before finding a balanced relationship."

Self awareness is the first step towards healing and forming healthy relationships. The next is committing yourself to the practice of being the best partner, lover, friend you can be and holding others to the same standard, improving your relationships and ultimately, your life. 

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