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Couple's 'Chick-fil-A' Wedding Invitations Are Totally Out-of-the-Box

Wedding guests had to be so surprised by these.

We guess that sending a wedding invite to your favorite fast-food chain does have its perks! @cameron.jones17 sent Chick-fil-A a wedding invitation, and it was worth it.

It's not clear from the TikTok she shared, but in her caption she makes it sound like she had extra invites and sent Chick-fil-A one. We're not sure if she was expecting to get anything for it, but she did end up with a surprise gift!

It looks like they sent the bride-to-be a handwritten card with several gift cards, a couple of t-shirts, some coffee mugs, a super soft looking blanket, and some other goodies. What a fun gift if you're a fan of the eat-more-chick'n place!

And there were some jealous commenters that replied. @Lyndsey Toms asks, "How do I get one? I will get divorced and remarried again just to get one." @Hannah was a bit bitter when she shared, "I had them cater my wedding. Not even a damn shirt. SMH"

There were tons of comments about the blanket! @char)O4O says, "THEY HAVE BLANKETS !?!?" @deedee simply states, "THE BLANKET." @emily haburjack says what we were thinking, "OMG that blanket looks soft!"

There were even comments about the comments! @Alex the alyien laughs, "THE COMMENTS!" while @AshleyMiller shares, "THESE COMMENTS ARE SENDING ME AHAHA #fellowlesbian"

And several commenters asked what address she sent the invite to so that they could do if for their upcoming nuptials. We had no idea this was even a thing! Hoping everybody has success in getting their Chick-fil-A wedding gifts!