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Chelsea Handler Explains 'Soaking' Trend and We Can't Stop Laughing

How is this even a thing?

Listen, we don't make this stuff, we just report it to you purely for entertainment purposes. @chelseahandler recently shared a TikTok about 'soaking', and well, it's an interesting concept to say the least.

The video starts with her explaining that after she talked about 'cuffing season' (“This is when you hook up with someone you wouldn’t normally hook up with.” as she explained it when she first mentioned it) that she started getting DMs about 'soaking'. This is big in the LDS (Latter Day Saints) community, and quiet a unique way of getting frisky without actually having premarital sex.

Okay, what the what? That's quite an interesting loophole, right? @Michael James laughs, "A loophole? But it’s in? Okay, sure…" The best part of this video was when she says at the end, "...good luck not moving it around, good luck."

As you can imagine, commenters had lots to say about this. @Camille De La Cruz says, "It's like "I didn't inhale"." @jbusby2010 chimes in with, "Idk, we used to call that, “just the tip” haha!" @scratchdaniel2285 admits, "I don't understand any of this and I'm afraid to google it."

But lots of commenters help explain the process and how friends actually help make it more enjoyable by creating movement for the couple. @Frankie Tucker adds to the conversation, "I am new to Utah but have heard they get their friends to jump up and down on the bed while the couple is soaking for the motion." @Erika Frazier MO says, "the famous Provo Soak!" Another commenter adds in, "I think there may be some collaboration with a third party who jumps on the bed which artificially induces movement inside the pikachu." @Buildingbetterlife rounded it out with, "Also called “docking”! Lol"

@SenorKikis hits the nail on the head when he shares, "This video and its comments have really brightened my day!" Same here! Lots of laughs in the comment section. It's never surprising what lengths people will go to to have, ahem not have, sex!

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