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Relationshp Coach Shares Sneaky Way to Check a Man's Text Messages

If there's trust, you shouldn't have to do this.

We're not sure how we feel about this tip from @Jenni giving a how-to on how to be sneaky next time you're checking a man's text messages.

Jenni shares how to do it, and it seems simple enough; you just go to his texts, press edit, and tap on 'recently deleted.' Handy, but if you need to check your man's text messages, there must already be problems or red flags that are making you do so.

The thing is, this TikTok tip has over a million views, so people are definitely interested. Some of Jenni's hashtags in her caption are telling.  We think that she's actually saying that this is not something you do in healthy relationships. As @Di777788 says, "If you have cause to suspect …it’s a red flag." Jenni includes hashtags like #toxic, #staytoxic, #trustissues, and #humor. So we think she's being facetious with this tip.

Commenters were all over the board with their feelings about this. @DAMO laughed, "Thanks for that. I just deleted them all. You ain’t catching me!" @sammbeckham said, "Omg..thanks for that!" @tiffanyquintana says, "Recently deleted isn’t an option on my phone?" Others did as well. Seems there is an iOS update that will give you the option. @Mel Harris asks, "Does this work on every phone?" And @Meghan Helm admits, "Oooooh I needed this a month ago!" @Janet Wade483 shares, "Check deleted photos too. Nobody deletes their deleted photos."

@Lexie Charlbois made us laugh when she said, "Whoaaaaaa! This is gonna start some s*** with a lot of couples LOL Where’s my popcorn?" @Jo is right when she shares, "If you got to look through his phone you have issues." We agree with Jo. And we think that Jenni actually does, too.

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