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Camila Cabello Shares Why She Quit a Dating App After 24 Hours

We honestly can't blame her one bit.

What makes you stay on a dating app or decide to leave one? For Camila Cabello the answer is pretty simple, and it makes a lot of sense.

@etalkctv recently shared a video of Camila chatting with Drew Barrymore on her talkshow. Camila tells Drew she was on a dating app (she didn't name the app) for 24 hours before she got off of it. Drew asks, "Why did it make you run away?" Camila's response was very honest and straightforward.

We get it! He definitely could be using her, especially given she's a celebrity. You don't know anybody's intentions when they are just a random stranger on the internet. It takes time to understand what somebody is looking for, and them sliding into your dm's is not the way to find out! We understand her wanting her friends to vet people for her - friends always have your back!

Commenters had a lot to say about Camila's reasoning, some good, some bad. @DevonLaLiberte says, "That’s all of us on dating apps, Camila." @Fit Engineer shares, "I'm an Electrical Engineer and a guy matched me for a Software Engineering opportunity. Bruh, I just got my job sooo idk what to say." @sweetpea keeps it real with, "I don’t last more than a few days before I delete. After over a year not one was worth meeting. Hundreds of DMs. Low functioning men." 

@Caja Rama loved what Camila had to say, "she's so real!", as did @Derek Mann, "Aw she’s the best!" But @The new Crystal Goday didn't approve. She says, "Total hater move. There’s so much room for talent, so what if somebody has aspirations to want to be a singer. I would use my power and help so many people."  We can understand where she's coming from, but we're also glad we are not famous and don't have to worry about whether someone likes us for who we are or for what we can give them!

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