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Woman's 'Bumble' Date Is So Bad We Don't Know Whether to Laugh or Cry

This is seriously as lame as it gets.

Oh boy! Talk about a bad date. One that you'll never forget. One that you couldn't make up if you tried. That was exactly what happened to @brianneolsen.

She met a guy on Bumble, and they decided to grab some food for their first date. He picked her up, and they ended up not at a restaurant, but at his apartment. Maybe he was making her a gourmet meal, who knows, right?

Do these people really exist? This really happened to her! Brianne says in her caption, "I really wish this wasn't true." We bet you do! Not only did he not even buy her dinner, or make her a nice dinner, he just grabbed his meal prep out of the fridge. And they shared a fork! What? No thank you, Mr. Guy-I-Don't-Even-Know!

Our favorite part was the same as @Kelsey's, ""Isn't that convenient for you." @Erin Ross said, "I can’t believe you stayed lol" to which Brianne replied, "A free meal is a free meal my girl!" @katherine said we were all thinking, "Every time you advanced in this story, I was expecting you to say, “then I went home” but you just kept going." We couldn't believe it either.

One user said, "Man’s forcing you to do a calorie deficit with him.", and Brianne came back with, "Major calorie deficit since he only gave me one bite!" So he really didn't even feed her! Unbelievable!

@Josh Cottle had the best response, "Hats off to you for giving him a shot. Not even when I was 18 did I only have one fork though. I had a whole set of plastic ones from Taco Bell." We remember those days Josh! We're guessing there probably wasn't a second "date".