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Woman Gets Horribly Pranked by Her Brother Before Running Into Her Crush

She must have been so irate!

Siblings often have a love/hate relationship, especially when they're young. This TikTok shared by @thebandmcmillan shows exactly the reason why siblings can't always trust each other. 

Two sisters and a brother are in the car. One of the sisters is going to drive to Dick's Sporting Goods to see her crush, Toby. She's not in the car yet when her brother is starts injecting green food coloring into his sister's gum. When she gets in the car, he tells his sister her breath is kickin', so she grabs a piece of the boobytrapped gum. By the time she gets to Dick's, well, just take a look...

Can you believe they let her go in to see her crush looking like that? People loved it, and with over 50 million views, a million likes, and thousands of comments, it definitely went viral. It's a super funny video, but not everybody's buying that it was a real prank and not staged.

@James Gradon asks (and more than 42 thousand commenters agreed), "Who gets chewing gum juice around their mouth like that?" @ItsXtinna agrees, "There’s no way she didn’t feel the liquid around her mouth LOL But props to her for playing along." @Nick adds, “How staged should we make it?”

We agree with @ImStuckinmyBrain when she says, "A girl would never ever go meet a guy she likes without checking mirror just before. Just saying…" @JacobLeviDavis wants to know, "So she just magically picked the only one with food coloring in it?" and the brother replied with, "I filled them all up!!!" He also replied to another commenter with, "She kept blowing bubbles and smacking that stuff… the green just kept spreading and spreading LOL" Whether you believe it was a prank or was set up, you have got to admit that it was pretty funny!

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