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Bridesmaid Has Epic Wardrobe Fail Just 20 Minutes Before the Ceremony

We can't help but wonder if her dress dried in time.

This had to be one of @_chloefranceska's biggest nightmares. Not only is she a bridesmaid in this wedding, but she's the Maid of Honor! 

Poor Chloe is just 20 minutes away from walking down the aisle when the unthinkable happens. We don't know how it happened or what it is, but from the tears in her eyes, she is freaking out!

Can you even imagine! Spilling right down the front of the dress just minutes before the wedding! We have so many questions - was the bride mad? Did she spill water or champagne? Does the bride even know yet? Is she freaking out? Unfortunately, Chloe leaves us hanging so we have no answers.

But the best part of the entire clip is when her friend is blowing on her dress! It's hysterical! @Amy Wilson agrees, "Friend/bridesmaid of the year goes to the girl thinking she could dry it by blowing in it." Others were asking why they didn't try a hair dryer or the hand dryer in the bathroom. Again, more unanswered questions.

With over 2 million views, lots of commenters were frustrated and wanted to know how it turned out. Our first thought was just cover it with the flowers, and we weren't alone. @georgiegirl50 advised, "Well positioned bunch of flowers required!" as did @glassyj24 who said, "Just hold your flowers there!"

But by far, what caught commenters attention the most were the dresses they were wearing. They're gorgeous! @__lucyalice__ asks, "Can I ask where the dresses are from? They are gorgeous and I’m a bridesmaid with that color scheme next year!" @Lauryn wants to know too, "Where are the dresses from! and what color??"

We're hoping that Chloe might share another TikTok to explain how things turned out. Crossing fingers that the dress dried within those 20 minutes. We're guessing that after the ceremony, she didn't give it a second thought!