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Bride's 'First Look' at Wedding Dress with Her Best Friend Is So Touching

What a fabulous idea to do this.

Awwww! This is what friendship is all about! @AnneOverly shared the sweetest video, and you might need a tissue when you watch it.

Anne's caption explains that the woman in the video with her is her childhood best friend. She grabs her by the hand and walks her into her hotel room to show her the wedding dress she'll be wearing later in the day. She makes her friend close her eyes, so she'll be surprised. When she opens them, it's just the best! Their interaction is so pure and genuine!

This made our hearts so happy! Isn't that what friendship is all about? Her friend is just as excited as the bride is. You can tell these women are like sisters, and that they love each other very much. 

Commenters loved the idea of a best friend's first look, too. @Hope tagged her BFF and said, "WE ARE DOING THIS!" @lilcrupi did the same and said, "We are gonna be a mess. I’m sobbing right now." @Hayley Moore also liked the idea, but also included, "But a First Look with the dress on, florals, veil and all accessories- I just know she cried!"

@harper steph is all of us when she shares, "This made me emotional." @jadeconino made us emotional when she admitted, "The fact I don’t have someone like this in life to have this moment with sucks." 

We laughed at @Abbey who tells her friend, "This would be us but I would need your input actually picking out the dress because I'm indecisive AF." But our favorite comment came from @Addy, "If we don’t do this, I’m not getting married!" That's true friendship!

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