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Bride's Unfortunate Wardrobe Malfunction Makes for a Wedding to Remember

She must have been totally mortified.

You know those nightmare moments that happen throughout life - the ones that make you sick when you think back on them? When the word "embarrassed" doesn't even begin to cover how you felt? Well, we're guessing most of us wouldn't think back to our wedding day, but we're also pretty sure @Vanessa does!

Vanessa shared a video of herself walking down the aisle at her wedding. The gorgeous bride is beaming and is clearly excited for this big moment. But then, the unthinkable happens. She has a serious wardrobe malfunction. Check out how she found out!

Poor Vanessa! We are all cringing for her! Luckily, her friend Chris had her back and she was able to cover up the wardrobe malfunction quickly. Fans loved that she just kept going and took it all in stride. @Liv laughs, "I love how you just smiled and waved after someone yelled that out!" @Tina Herman offered support, too, adding, "I was told to hold the bouquet low for the aisle pics so they can see the neckline. Glad you didn't in this instance though!" 

Others were high-fiving Chris for letting his girl know that her lady bits were showing. We all need a friend like Chris who always has our back! TikTok user @cruciferousvegetable kept it real. He added, "Chris is so real for that" while @AngellaMUA said, "Chris was sitting exactly where he needed to be." But what struck us most about the comments is that people couldn't get over the fact that she was waving as she started her walk down the aisle. So many comments about the wave! Her response was simple: "I wanted to say hi to everyone that came for me!"

And in all reality, she was a great sport about the odd situation and took it all with a grain of salt. She wasn't going to let anything bring down her wedding day!