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Bride's Genius Strategy for Choosing Her Wedding Dress Is So Epic

If only we could all be so lucky.

Genius. That's all we have to say about this bride's strategy for choosing the perfect wedding dress. 

Most woman take their mom, sisters, and BFFs to help them choose which dress to say yes to. It's a big decision, and one that shouldn't be made on impulse. Usually, the bride tries on several dresses before finding the perfect one. She twirls and spins and looks at it from all angels, which is exactly what you see @wirth_twins doing in this TikTok. 

So smart! Jenn and LeeAnne Wirth are twins, and one of them (we don't know which one) is getting married. So the other tries on the dresses, which allows the bride to see exactly what she'll look like! We love this strategy! So did @Tiffany Leigh Chapman who shares, "Now that’s freaking genius!"

Other commenters wished for a twin sister so they could do this, too. @Hailey Hartshorn is ready for it saying, "Step one, find a twin." @Alexa Camille wants a twin too, "I’ve never wished I was a twin more."

But this isn't a new strategy. Several people popped in with comments about how they did the same, or something similar. @brushmeoff commented, "My sister picked out my engagement ring and didn’t know my ring size so she just tried it on and went with that. Sisters are the best!" And @Thomson_Farms says, "My twin and I did this - she was deciding between two different dresses. I put one on and she put the other on." So smart!

And the commenters all loved the dress, many saying they hope that is the dress she chose. We do too because it's gorgeous!