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Bride-to-Be's Reaction to Her Surprise Engagement Is Going Viral

She was so emotional!

We're not crying, you're crying! @Shakeria's TikTok is going viral, and we understand why!

Shakeria's hubby-to-be went all out when he chose to surprise her with not only a proposal but by inviting their family and friends to be a part of it. She was absolutely stunned when she opened the door and realized what was happening.

Y'all. This video has more than 14.5 million views! It's also racked up 1.5 million likes and more than 2,800 comments. People love proposals and surprises! Her face was the best part of the video! When she realized what was happening and he had to nudge her to go into the room. The sweetest! @MoneyMaker noticed that too, "Girl if you don’t walk in there, I walk in there for you!" @More of Mikeah liked Shakeria's boyfriend's reaction to the situation, "His nod/reaction was like “Yea go you know what time it is!"" @atkins3 added, "The way her shy self-backed into the corner."

@Jenna August (and soooo many others!) said, "She’s stunning and I LOVE her hair. So classic both of them." @Emily shares, "Your humility shows how beautiful you are inside! You deserved every second of this happiness! Blessings to you both!" People loved her dress! Many of them, including @Vivian Madrid, asked, "Dress info!" @SydLaVoix wondered, "Where did he tell you that you were going? Y’all look amazing!!!" We had the same thought, Syd!

@Marc just here to clown Fazon sums up the entire situation, "She didn't say one word with her mouth but had a whole conversation with her eyes and body language." Totally true! 

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