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Bridal Party's Reaction to Bride's 'Secret' Wedding Dress Is Perfect

We can't get over how gorgeous it is!

WOW! @Camille Lescai surprised her wedding party big time when she kept her wedding dress a secret until the big day. Her friends hadn't seen the dress, and it was definitely a showstopper!

The looks on all of the bridesmaids faces says it all - it's not just your normal wedding dress and they loved its uniqueness! Camille looks as gorgeous as her dress! She is ready for her big day!

The caption reads, "Wedding dress reveal! Absolutely no one saw the dress until the day of, it was worth the wait!" It sure was! The color is so pretty, and the design of the dress is swoonworthy! What a surprise!

Commenters weren't very nice. @Youknowwhatimean laughs and says, "Looks like a prom dress lmaoooo", to which Camille replied, "Hi, just letting you know I’m from Australia where we don’t have prom." There were lots of awful comments, but others had Camille's back. @Ariana Singleton said, "So the bride was color and maids wore white!? I LOVE that concept! So beautiful!" It really was! @Sary333 added, "The girls that get it get it, the people under the comments don’t get it cuz they are not that girl." We agree with @lisa todd, "Either be kind or scroll, she looks beautiful. This is not for me but it also isn’t my wedding. You are a beautiful bride."

By far our favorite comment came from @Love961424 who said, "I don’t understand feeling the need to tell someone you don't like their wedding dress…why step on their moment with an unnecessary opinion?" Almost 30 thousand people liked her comment too. And Camille's reply was just as good, "Sing it loud for the people up the back!" We agree! If you don't like it, just move on!

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