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Groom's Emotional Reaction to Seeing Bride at Rehearsal Dinner Is Too Sweet

Weddings are a beautiful event, meant for two people to celebrate their love and dedication to one another. Suffice it to say, it's only natural for anyone to get swept away by their emotions for such an occasion. However, one woman was shocked and surprised by how moved her husband-to-be became during their rehearsal dinner. 

TikToker @lionsquid shares this clip of a moment during their ceremony rehearsal, and needless to say, neither bride or groom could contain their feelings for each other. It's enough to make any grown man cry!

What a touching moment! In the beginning of the video, she writes about how she wonders if her man will cry at their wedding, and you can tell she's genuinely surprised by how he just couldn't hold back. It's clear she felt so loved at the moment of their embrace. 

Viewers of this clip are smitten with the love between the couple. Commenter @annalisenorthway says, "This is so incredibly sweet… but I also need to know where you got that dress." Indeed, the dress is gorgeous! 

Another viewer. @a.kristen.doingmybest adds, "My husband thought he wouldn’t cry but then admitted my morning of letter got him going and he couldn’t stop crying after that." 

Many people have a tendency to think men aren't as emotional as women. The truth is, men and women experience all of the same emotions, but men generally process and express them differently. It's always nice to see when men aren't afraid to show their emotions every once in a while. 

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