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Bride Suddenly Pukes at the Altar in Most Epic Wedding Fail Ever

She'll never live this one down.

What's the worst thing that could happen as you walk down the aisle on your wedding day? You trip? Freeze and can't move? What if you made it to the alter and then puked? That's what happened to poor @Jaci on her wedding day.

Don't worry, if you have a weak stomach, you won't hear or see her actually throwing up. You just kinda see it happen as she leans forward and heaves. We can't even imagine this happening, poor girl!

We love how everybody rallied around her to help! Her husband-to-be didn't leave her side! And she had a great sense of humor about it. Her caption read, "Thankfully, I have a husband who will truly stick by my side… for sickness and in health *no one and no dress was harmed in the process of this video*" 

Commenters were so empathetic. @Mikaela Nicole shared, "I was 20 weeks pregnant at my wedding and extremely sick. I puked up until I walked down the aisle." @sydroush poked fun at, "The bridesmaid giving you the flower girl basket!" @mccassum0431 says "Omg you must have handled that well. I’m so sorry girl!" And @Jayley wasn't wrong when she said, "Your wedding party members are real OGs!"@Samantha made us laugh when she said, "The lady in the black dress power walking away is me."

@Britt MC asked what we were all wondering, "Oh no! Was it nerves or flu?" Or was she hungover? Pregnant? Jaci shared a story time after this on her page. It was in fact anxiety that made her vomit. We love that she made light of the situation instead of putting an emphasis on it - she could have let it ruin her day but she didn't. She's a trooper!

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