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Bride Walks Down the Aisle to 'Jurassic Park' Theme and It Totally Works

We wouldn't have thought of this one.

When you think about songs to walk down the aisle to, it's usually a traditional one that we've all heard at countless numbers of weddings. @tabithalipkin took the more non-traditional route, and we were shocked to find out that it works perfectly!

While most brides consider The Wedding March or Ave Maria, Tabitha picked a song that you'd probably recognize but wouldn't be able to place. This song seems like a funny song to walk down the aisle to, but surprisingly, it works!

Yep, Tabitha chose to walk down the aisle to not 'Here Comes the Bride' but to the Jurassic Park theme song! The song was played on a harp, and it's actually a lovely tune for any bride to walk to. As we mentioned, you'd probably hear it and think, 'Where do I know this song from?', we certainly did! And we love at the end of the video where you can see the groom watching her come down the aisle - he looks so happy and excited!

Commenters thought it was a great song for the bride, too. @glambykristiana says, "Super unique HAVENT seen that done beautiful entrance!" @Wendy did something similar at her wedding, "I love it! Mine was the theme song from Fallout." But @Jaime was excited because she shared, "Ahh hah same! My husband and I also walked down the aisle to the Jurassic Park theme. Goosebumps!" @Barbz was more impressed with Tabitha's OOTD, "But can we focus on the dress, bow, and gloves?"

There were some jokes made of course. @Engraved by Design LLC laughed, "Wait, was she a Bridezilla?! lol jkjk" @Martin Tan372 adds, "That’s a true Jurassic fan right there." Our favorite though came from @User who asked, "Okay so did you break out the t-Rex costumes at the reception tho?" We want to know too! And congrats on your marriage!

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