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Bride-to-Be's Reaction to Family Surprising Her After the Engagement Is Too Sweet

She couldn't believe her eyes!

We love a good surprise, and this one that @mo_powers shared brought tears to our eyes! She had a great Christmas and received a couple of unexpected gifts.

The video says that her family drove from New Jersey to Florida on Christmas Day to surprise her after her boyfriend proposed to her. Those are two big presents to receive for the holiday! And the look on her face when she sees her family is priceless!

Mo's caption reads, "Still on cloud 9 from all the surprises"! That's what love and family is all about! @Kelli felt the same thing and replied, "This is LOVE & Family, Congratulations!!" You can tell that she's very close to her family, and that having them drive all that way to Florida to support and celebrate with her meant a lot. Her little brothers were so excited to surprise her, it was so sweet! How she's not bawling, we don't know. But there were definitely some very happy tears! @Brittony said something similar, "And the water works in 3…2…1…". 

@The Engagement Studio were big fans of Mo's video. They said, 'Yes yes yes! An engagement is a time to celebrate for the whole family!" Mo replied back, "For sure"! @Kaitlyn Yancy added, "This made me cry because you guys have so much love for each other." Such a sweet comment! Mo replied back with a crying emoji and, "So grateful!" And we loved that her little brother even commented, "Yea we better be the best fam"! Mo replied back, The best little bro ever". Too cute!

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