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Bride Shares Questionnaire She Created for Her Bridesmaids and It's Brilliant

This makes things so much easier on the wedding party.

Being a bride is really stressful and being a bridesmaid can be just as stressful, even if you're dealing with a laid back bride. When we found this TikTok that @fifthwithmissp shared, our first thought was, 'This is brilliant!'

@Fifthwithmissp, who goes by Han, makes life easy on her bridesmaids, and also makes them feel included in the planning and decision-making process, by asking them to fill out a questionnaire. Questions include things like their clothing sizes, Starbucks order for the day of, whether they're having hair and makeup done professionally or not, and even questions about seating arrangements at the reception!

This is such a cool way to help her closest friends feel like they really are part of her big day, and the important days leading up to it like her bridal shower and bachelorette party. 

We'll be honest and say that when we first saw she created a questionnaire that we thought that maybe she was a bridezilla, and so did others. @kayytall shared, "I was so nervous it was going to be like “how will you be supporting me on my day” instead you're asking them their Starbucks orders!" 

After seeing the questions, we were all for it! And lots of other commenters were, too. @katiegormley says, "This girl gets it." @Morgan Thompson agrees, "This is actually really helpful and considerate!" @Caitlin Noles wanted to know, "How far in advance did you do this?" Others just asked, HOW did you do this? 

Several commenters were so glad to she was asking about seating arrangements at the reception. @Ashley Bergsmith Gormath said, "Omg you’re an angel for this. I was at a wedding where my husband was a groomsman and had to sit at the head table, and I didn’t know ANYONE hated it!" 

We love how thoughtful Han is! She's got some very lucky bridesmaids.