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Man Gets a Breakup Text With His Airpods in and Total Hilarity Ensues

Sadly, we can't always choose to be broken up with in a polite manner. In fact, breakup texts generally used to be considered rude and inconsiderate. Through time, they have become a common and rather accepted method of calling it quits. Being broken up with through a text message still feels harsh to many of us, but not as much as what happened to one man. 

In this clip, comedian Mike Bramante shares a brief story on what happens when you receive a breakup text while having your Airpods in, and let's just say, this one takes harsh to a whole new level.  

Yikes, that's gotta sting just a little bit. This is one of those things you never think could happen, until it does. What a bummer! However, it seems like he has a relatively healthy attitude about it, so hats off to Mike! 

In the comments, viewers are offering their support and sharing their own similar stories as well. Commenter @drea.marchionda reports, "My Apple CarPlay read mine in my Australian Siri accent with multiple people in the car. It was a lot." Ouch! 

Another viewer, @buch9k says, "You still got your sense of humor ! Good for you." Indeed, it's nice to see he's not letting this get him down. 

Finally, user @melyn1111 says jokingly, "Never imagined the quest to find connection would be like this. Thanks Siri." Seriously, though! 

There are so many nuances and moving parts we never considered when it comes to how technology has developed. Back in the day, we didn't always know what to expect, but it sure as heck wasn't stuff like this! At least Mike is keeping a stiff upper lip about the whole thing and using it to tell hilarious stories his audience will certainly enjoy. 

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