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Boyfriend's Reaction to Girlfriend Surprising Him With a Trip to Vegas Has People Fired Up

Milestone birthdays don't come along every year, and that's why you want to do something epic to celebrate them. That's probably why one girlfriend decided to surprise her boyfriend with a trip to Vegas for his 30th. And of course, given the times we're living in, she documented the whole thing on TikTok.

She shared the video on her account, @aspenbreigh, and let's just say that her little surprise didn't quite go down as she expected. Just wait until you get a load of what this dude says when he finds out he's leaving for Las Vegas in a few hours.

OMG. For real? "I have golf tomorrow...?!" Granted, it isn't always easy to score a prime tee time, but you'd think that a whirlwind, spur-of-the-moment trip to Vegas with the love of your life would be a little more exciting than playing a round of 18 with the boys. Even though this guy was clearly just totally caught off guard, he's getting a little roasted by people who watched the clip. @YoHoandCo quipped, "OMG if my man was disappointed about not playing golf with his buddies instead of traveling to Vegas with me… 😳 Yeah no. He’d be gone." Um, WAY harsh. (Right?)

Another viewer, @Kaylaaa added in her two cents, saying, "The lack of reaction would have me never do something thoughtful again 🤪." And @Emily added, "He sounds like he doesn’t even want to go 😒." 

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But lo and behold, as the video creator explained in the comments, it turns out that his friends asked him to go play golf the next day to throw him off the scent of the impending trip. And she also let everyone know, "He’s joking that I told him to go golfing tomorrow. So he’s putting it all together. Doesn’t seem angry to me what that smile." The poor dude also left a comment on the clip, saying, "Holy I’m getting shredded. 🫠"

Something tells us he was MORE than happy to go on the trip with his lady, and obviously, people were quick to jump to conclusions. The fact that these two don't take themselves too seriously and have fun together just goes to show what a great match they are! On that note, we hope they had the time of their lives in Vegas!

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