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Boyfriend's Genuine Reaction to Girlfriend Cutting Her Hair Is So Pure

This guy is a major keeper!

Awww! Holy cuteness! When @itsbenreid sees his girlfriend and her new hair for the first time, his face is priceless! 

We're guessing Ben didn't know she was going to cut it, because he looks genuinely surprised - in a good way! It starts with his GFs hand on the doorknob saying she was going to share her boyfriend's reaction to her cutting off half of her hair. She turns knob slowly, and says "Hi my love!" as she opens the door. Wait till you see the look on his face! 

"BABE!!!!" and a big ol' smile from ear to ear! He looks so sweet - he's so happy and excited for her. Our favorite part? When he says "It's like I have a new girlfriend!" So sweet! And one of the hashtags he used was #relationshipgoals. That's goals for sure! The kind of support he gives her is the best!

Most commenters loved his reaction. @Vanessa Alba exclaims, "Awwwwwwww his reaction was priceless!" @Kev B shares, "I needed a smile today! & I can always rely on you guys." And @Alexmidna says, "I love how he reacts in the millisecond you went in. So priceless!"

Others were skeptical that it might be staged. @Zyro laughs, "He reacted before he even saw it lol," as did @fares who said, "He was ready for it before you opened the door."

But most commenters wanted to see only one thing - her hair! @sierra begs, "Awe show ussss!!! @Shehraan wants to see it too, "SHOW US YOUR HAIRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

We looked for a before and after pic, or even just an after pic with no luck. Hopefully they'll show us her new 'do because we're all waiting impatiently!