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Woman's Horror Story About Boyfriend Defiling Her Car Leaves Us Speechless

Is this real life?

You have GOT to be kidding us! Buckle up because @hannawohhh has a story to share about a terrible boyfriend, and it's one that will leave you speechless. 

The 'Put A Finger Down' challenge going around on TikTok is similar to playing 'Never Have I Ever'. People share crazy experiences, and if you have done or had happen whatever they're sharing, you put a finger down to show that you've been there, done that. Hanna's whole story will leave you thinking, no way this really happened!

Can you even believe it? Hanna's boyfriend not only stole her car, he got out of a DUI, and pooped in her car. Worst part about it is that he denied it and didn't even clean it up. And after all that and more, he breaks up with her! Her story is one of those stories that just keeps going from bad to worse. 

@Katiebee1992 isn't wrong when she says, "You dodged a bullet with this guy." And @Jeana made us laugh when she admitted, "I definitely didn’t put my finger down." We didn't either Jeana! We also laughed at @Uncle Chris from the TikTok who yells, "How on earth did you let him break up with you?! Fight for your man! He’s a good one!" @CharlieHancock backed him up with, "Don’t worry. There are more great guys like him out there." We felt bad for @a_guy305 who shared, "Guys are doings stuff like this and getting girlfriends meanwhile I can’t even get a text back. Life is cruel."

We totally agree with @Bicardi who says, "Amazing story telling skills." We want to hear more Hanna stories! She's got a great way with words!

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