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Man's Cute Reaction to Girlfriend Saying He's 'Her Crush' Is Precious

Clearly the spark hasn't run out with these two!

If you're looking for something cute to make your day, look no further because we have already found it! TikToker @littleherculette (also known as Peyton) shared a video that made our hearts flutter!

While sitting in a busy restaurant, Peyton checks out the scene while her boyfriend is focused on his phone. She leans over and whispers in his ear, "I have a crush on you." His reaction is EVERYTHING (insert heart emojis here)!

The way he looks up surprised, as the smile takes over his face. He sits up tall and points at himself like, who me? And then the little happy dance? Cutest.thing.ever. @Skylar Henderson also caught and adored our favorite part, "the little fist pump!" He looks just like a 15-year-old boy finding out the girl he likes likes him right back!

With over 5,000 comments, we aren't the only ones that fell in love with being in love! @enze shares, "Some men are this simple and it's a gift from heaven. Look at that man's face light up. Pure joy. Never underestimate the power of kind words." @continuously wild sighed and said, "I wish every guy acted this way when we shared our feelings." @LexyC. swooned when she noticed, "Okay but the way he actually blushed!!!" And it was super cute to imagine what @Chels says, "Bro is probs texting you on his belly with his ankles in the air." @Loudtel asks what we are all wondering: "When is the wedding? You two are great together!"

BRB! We're off to go tell our significant others we have a crush on them to see what kind or reaction we get!