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Girlfriend Totally Freaks Out After Boyfriend Admits He Asked Her Family for Her Hand

These days, it's not as practiced anymore for a husband hopeful to ask his girlfriend's father for his blessing to marry his daughter. Such a tradition used to be customary of any man in love with a woman who wishes to make her his wife. Now, it's since become viewed as rather old fashioned. However, one man decided to throw it back and instead of asking her father, she finds out that he asked her entire family. 

In this clip, TikToker couple @hunnaxlib shares the reaction when husband-to-be reveals to his fiancé that he asked her family for their blessing to have her hand in marriage. Let's just say, her reaction was interesting!

Wait a minute... complications? What's that all about? We need details. Though, it's understandable that many ladies in her position would stop the camera right there to discuss who had an issue with their engagement and exactly what was said. In spite of that, she seemed to be excited. 

Many viewers were intrigued with this conversation as well.  User @samuelsyoko says, "I NEED TO KNOW THE COMPLICATIONS PLEASE." Right?! She must have been curious. However, that was likely a discussion best had off camera. Another commenter, @augiebrunette says, "So, we need the actual proposal now. Fast." Indeed. User @victorstojanovich adds, "Her reaction was priceless." Her reaction sure was interesting, that's for certain. 

We're assuming the actual proposal hasn't happened yet. Perhaps a part two is in the future? At any rate, we're taking bets that the moment will be  just as entertaining as this conversation was. 😄

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